.                                                                                                                                                Woke and Fly Inc. is an online retail concept that stocks high end fashion inspired and created by artists and emerging designers around the world. Woke and Fly Sports is an extension of our brand to allow people to connect with like-minds, get healthy, and build on good vibes through our weekly run. Every week our running location changes to another location within the 5 boroughs. Give us a call to find out this week's location. PLEASE CALL (347)329-6150 OR EMAIL MOCK5DIGITAL@GMAIL.COM FOR OUR WEEKLY RUN LOCATION. NYC FREE WEEKLY RUN WOKE AND FLY INC  WOKE AND FLY INC FREE WEEKLY RUN NYC WOKE AND FLY INC FREE WEEKLY RUN NEW YORK WOKE AND FLY INC FREE WEEKLY RUN BROOKLYN