Streetwear brand helping musicians get discovered

jesse staton

Posted on November 03 2020


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — Be woke and fly to musicians soon to be at the top of the hip hop and rap world.The Woke and Fly fashion brand is helping its customers discover hot, new talent struggling to get noticed because of the pandemic.

“COVID-19 has the world upside down right now,” said Wesley Mock, founder of the Woke and Fly brand. “There are some amazing musicians who can’t perform anywhere because everything is shut down. We’re using our brand to help them get discovered. And, our customers get to listen to some amazing beats.”

Woke and Fly discreetly incorporates a QR code into the design printed on the high-quality streetwear. When someone uses their smartphone to take a picture of the design, a web page pops up on the phone with an opportunity to download a song and learn a little bit about the artist.

“COVID-19 has destroyed the music industry,” said Jesse Staton. “Artists can sign up for our service and hopefully get discovered by someone who can make their dreams come true. We’ll even work with the future stars on designs that match their styles.”

Helping others is nothing new for the best friends who created the Brooklyn-based brand. Proceeds from the store are poured into community programs that teach kids how to create startup companies, equip students with school supplies and provide aid to the homeless. The two even give away turkeys for Thanksgiving.

“Woke and Fly is changing lives,” says Mock. “We want to use our success to lift up our neighborhood.”

In addition to the QR codes incorporated into the design, Woke and Fly uses an innovative manufacturing technique that promises the design will last longer and won’t fade or peel away after dozens washes.

The best friends have been creating premium clothing for all genders and age groups since November 2017. Shop the designs and discover new artists at

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