EBT/Snap Benefits Can Be Used to Purchase Seeds and Plants

EBT/Snap Benefits Can Be Used to Purchase Seeds and Plants    Hello, everyone!

We're back with some more great, substantial information! Thanks for the support! Gardeners, this blog post is to encourage you to purchase your seeds using SNAP benefits. Let's talk about it!


Most people don't know that SNAP benefits can be used to purchase seeds or plant starts. You can buy vegetable seeds using your SNAP benefits at any store that sells seeds and takes EBT. Places like Walmart have a large seed selection. Even a few dollar stores sell seeds and can be purchased using SNAP. You can also buy fruit baring trees and bushes with SNAP. You may find that retailers at certain locations will be shocked or surprised because of how underdiscussed this topic is. This is why we're spreading awareness and shedding a little more light on it.

The USDA encourages SNAP participants to use their benefits to purchase seeds. According to the USDA, for every $1 that a garden spends on seeds and fertilizer, they'll reap about $25 worth of food. For someone relying on (R.O.I.) Return on Investment is unbeatable.

Some Farmers' markets and individual sellers can also accept SNAP. We at Woke and Fly, encourage everyone to use their SNAP benefits to buy seeds, make well thought out plans, and grow their own food. Some farmers order or buy seeds in advance or ahead of time, so that when SNAP benefits are stretched later in the year they are prepared. It's also good to keep extra or an abundance of seeds on hand just to have. 

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To find retailers that accept SNAP benefits please use the tool on this site below! (https://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/retailer-locator )


https://lowincomerelief.com/where-to-buy-plants-with-your-ebt-card/  www.amazon.com type in ebt in search bar and it will bring up options.EBT/Snap Benefits Can Be Used to Purchase Seeds and Plants