Small Business Saturday (Week 2)

Brianna Bennett

Posted on January 10 2021

SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY (WEEK 2)                                                                                                                                                                          Week 2 of Woke and Fly's Small Business Saturday went amazing! This week we had business owners chime in from the Bahamas, Texas, Maryland, Florida, Georgia and our hometown, New York. We discussed dropshipping, brand name importance, pricing, what keeps us inspired and motivated as business owners, taxes, LLCs, how to stay original, blogging, how to make content and more. This meeting was so informative and personable. It's nice to be able to share stories and information on why and how our brands were built. Being able to have an open communication and an exchange of information is essential in all of us growing. We will continue to support one another and grow together. Love and light, Woke and Fly.             SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY (WEEK 2)

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