Natural Farming: Diluted Seawater

Natural Farming: Diluted Seawater Salt, sodium chloride, is in small amounts a necessary component of all life. Salt has been produced from the evaporation of seawater since prehistoric times. Seawater also contains most of the essential macroand microminerals essential for healthy plant growth (Turekian 1968, DOE 1997, Motavalli and Marler 1998). Table 1 shows essential plant nutrients found in seawater and their functions within plants. Investigation into the use of seawater for irrigation in agriculture has been ongoing for decades (Mount and Schuppan 1978, Feign 1985, Glenn et al. 1998, Sgherri et al. 2008). More recently sea salt was applied as a source of sea mineral solids for foliar and soil treatments (Heckman and Orton 2010). Diluted seawater (DSW) is a simple yet vital input used in Natural Farming as a source of mineral nutrition for the production of a variety of fruit and vegetable crops, as well as for lawns, pastures, and flowers (Mount et al. 1978, Sgherri et al. 2008). This factsheet explains the preparation and use of DSW. click the link to learn more>>>>>            Natural Farming: Diluted Seawater