Myths/Misconceptions/Misperceptions about Homeschooling

by Woke and Fly Inc. on November 12
Myths/Misconceptions/Misperceptions about Homeschooling and the Truth
The idea of homeschooling comes with or faces a lot of assumptions and misconceptions.
However, homeschooling can be a very beneficial, organic way of learning for a child's
educational development. (This article isn't to put down other forms of
education/educating but to shed light on Homeschooling.) Let's talk about it!

Misconception #1: Homeschooled Students Lack Social Skills or Do Not Socialize
Socialization is a commonly talked about controversial topic when the subject of
homeschool is being discussed. People will often ask something along the lines of, “How is
your child going to know how to interact with other kids or people if they are being taught
alone at home?” Children will socialize with other children naturally and most
homeschooled children are involved in outside activities or programs that allow them to
engage with other children.
Misconception #2: Homeschooled Students Do Not Participate in Extracurricular
Not only is this untrue, but there are so many homeschooled students that are actively
involved in different types of extracurricular activities. Homeschooled students tend to
have a flexible schedule. Some extracurricular activities include; art classes or crafting,
music lessons, sports, dance, drama, entrepreneurship, karate or taekwondo, and much
Misconception #3: Parents Are Not Qualified to Teach
Parents may not be able to teach a full classroom of children, but are definitely qualified to
teach their own. Homeschooling allows parents to teach their children one on one. This
gives parents the opportunity to learn what learning style(s): (visual, verbal, aural, logical,
etc..) their child prefers and how to keep them engaged with the subjects at hand.
Misconception #4: Homeschooled Students Do Not Learn As Much As Public
School/Private School Students
Homeschooled students are given a valuable education just like any other source of
education or schooling. Homeschoolers have more of a flexible schedule which allows them
more time to learn new things and engage in different types of extracurricular activities,
clubs, sports, educational trips, etc outside of what they are already learning .
Homeschooled children tend to have a broader scope of life and ideas because of this.
Misconception #5: Homeschooling is Too Expensive
You don't need a lot of money or space to homeschool. There truly are a lot of resources for
homeschoolers. Homeschooling can be done really creatively and while on a budget. As far
as school supplies go, most homeschool parents buy essential supplies that are cheap in
cost-- pencils, notebooks, pens, markers, paper, etc. Items that can easily be found at your
local dollar store.
Even trips with your homeschooled children don't have to be costly. You can travel to
libraries, museums, go to a state park if there is one nearby, take a nature hike, go to an
observatory or planetarium, a local farm, and many more places to educate your child
about the world and expand their mind more. Also, a lot of zoos and aquariums can be

visited virtually as well if you want to give a lesson on nature, biology, and animals and their
We hope that this blog article has given you insight or encouragement if you are a
homeschool parent or even just someone that wants to view more information on this
topic. The brand owner of Woke and Fly Inc. is actually a homeschool parent as well so
shedding some positive light on this subject was important to us especially since
homeschooling is expanding so rapidly. Thank you so much for reading!
- Woke and Fly Inc. Family
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