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Posted on February 04 2021

BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA BEFORE COLOMBUS WHEN WILL THE TRUTH BE TOLD?                                                     they came before columbus picture                                                              

“The asiactic made his debut in America not as a slave but as a master”


If you do not educate students about their complete history, they will be unable to become great leaders or productive citizens.

While we admire Christopher Columbus for paddling the seas in search of new land, but he was not the first one to make that journey. Indeed, there is widespread evidence that Africans sailed to America and lived generations before Columbus.

According to an American historian and scholar Leo Weiner of Harvard University,

“One of the biggest proof to support the fact that Africans came to America before Christopher Columbus, is a journal entry from Columbus himself “       ref                                                          

Certain artworks also serve as proof of African Americans before Columbus. For years, late-art historian Alexander von Wuthenau has gathered old clay sculptures that provide explanations about the diversity of America's pre-Columbian inhabitants.

His astonishing African collection depicts priests, wrestlers, drummers, attractive girls, and majestic men—a collage of Black people who have inhabited every portion of societies from Mexico to South America.

Huge Olmec sculptures with African facial features identified all across Central and South America also support that Africans had lived in America long before its supposed "discovery." Up to 11 feet in height and 30 to 40 tons in weight, these sculptures evidently depict helmeted black men with big eyes, wide noses, and big lips.

One of these heads was found in Veracruz by archaeologist Jose Melgar in 1862. He wrote,

"What amazed me was the Ethiopian type that it reflects. That reflected there had been blacks earlier in this place."   

The headdress worn upon those Olmec statues is closely linked to the sort of war helmet identified as linking them to the Egyptian region of Nubian.

In fact, Africans traveled to America thousands of years before Columbus. And the proof of their existence, though deliberately ignored by the mainstream and K-12 educational curricula, is enormous and unquestionable.

Even earlier Mexican historians were reasonably sure that the impact of black explorers on the so-called "New World" was significant and enduring. One of the authors, J.A. Villacorta, wrote:

"However you see it, Mexican civilization has its origin in Africa."

Whoever these Black people were, they most certainly sailed to America in ancient and times and left a profound imprint on New World soil. Rafique Jairazbhoy, an Indian scholar, seems to be right when he said: "The black made his debut in America not as a slave but as a master."                                                                         

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