7 natural ways, that you can use to assist your immune system

        Tea Tree Oil – which has a proven ability to fight off and kill staph bacteria. It’s used as a topical application, going directly onto infected skin.
Tea Tree Oil
                     Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda – the mix of these two ingredients can make a paste which works in a similar way to tea tree oil. Garlic – the complex make-up of garlic is great for boosting your immune system and fighting off infections.
Coriander Oil – a study in 2011 by Portuguese scientists found that Coriander Oil is effective against 12 lethal bacteria.
Coriander Oil
Pascalite – it is a type of bentonite clay found only in the mountains of Wyoming. When used topically, it’s known for its ability to draw infections from wounds in a matter of hours or days, bringing about total recovery.
Turmeric – a healing product that has been used for centuries to fight off bacterial and viral infections. It has proven anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
Makuna Honey – when combined with Turmeric, it provides a powerful remedy to treat MRSA and other superbugs.
Makuna Honey
          Oil of Oregano – it has a proven ability to fight of bacteria and staph infections.
Oil of Oregano
      Olive Leaf Extract – contains an active compound that provides immune system support at the same time as it fights antibiotic-resistant infections.
Olive Leaf Extract
    Echinacea – this is mostly used today for fighting colds and flu, but was traditionally used to treat open wounds, diphtheria, cellulitis, blood poisoning, syphilitic lesions and other bacterial-related diseases. It contains the ability to destroy even the most virulent bacteria.
Colloidal Silver – the germicidal and antibacterial properties of colloidal silver were discovered almost a century ago. Numerous clinical cases and anecdotal evidence provides us with the knowledge that colloidal silver can kill bacteria, fungal infections and viruses.
Colloidal Silver
       Pau D’Arco – which is an herb native to South America whose active ingredient lapachol, has been found to relieve a wide range of infections include those initiated by bacteria, viruses and fungus 
Pau D’Arco